• Kylie Jenner Posts Her Raciest Bikini Pictures Yet

    If you thought Kylie Jenner's strappy monokini earlier this month was pushing the limits, you haven't seen anything yet. The 17-year-old reality star posted weekend pics of her hitting the pool at Scott Disick's mansion on Sunday, and it's safe to say all eyes were on her in the skimpy black Issa de' mar bikini she sported for the occasion. "Thanks @goldteethgod for the necklace of my G wagon," she wrote alongside this selfie of her bikini bod. But it's pretty safe to say nobody's looking at her jewelry right? PHOTOS: Hollywood's Hottest Bikini Bods The part-time model was clearly feeling her latest look, posting another bikini selfie of her an hour later, this time a full-body angle. "Ok I'm done," she acknowledged. Kylie's mature appearance has caused controversy before, particularly when it comes to the rumors that she's dating 25-year-old rapper Tyga. The two haven't done much to dispel the romance rumors, with Tyga recently Instagramming that the youngest Jenner sister "captured heart." But despite Kylie's young age, one thing's for sure -- she's already making great business decisions. Earlier this month, she and her big sister Kendall announced their own mobile game, no doubt hoping to follow in the footsteps of their half-sister Kim's amazingly successful Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app. NEWS: It Takes Kylie Jenner 40 Minutes a Day to Get Her Famous Lips Watch below to find out all about the Jenner sisters' new venture.

  • Video: Ken Shamrock is suddenly huge, may crush Kimbo Slice with anchor arms

    Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hall-of-famer Ken Shamrock has humongous arms and may use them to crush Kimbo Slice at Bellator 138 on Spike TV on June 19, 2015 inside the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • How To Be Sexy: 7 Weird (But True) Rules Of Attraction

    Tossing your hair and licking your lips? Please—amateur night! There are more surprising (and effective) ways to be utterly seductive.

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  • Japan's Honda Motors unveils a new sports car

    Honda Motors announces new sports car S660. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

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  • Driver follows GPS off disused bridge, and wife dies, police say

    Technically Incorrect: Sheriffs in Indiana say that a man was following his GPS too slavishly and drove his car onto a ramp leading to a demolished bridge.

  • Michael Cole hospitalized after vicious Brock Lesnar rampage on WWE Raw

    The post-WrestleMania episode of Monday night Raw hit a really high note with a segment where Brock Lesnar went ballistic after WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins refused to give him a rematch on the show. The announce table hasn't, and Byron Saxton either pretended to be or was actually freaked out by being rushed into duty after Michael Cole, Booker T and JBL were stretchered off following the attack. Jerry Lawler came out to help Saxton get through the rest of the show. WWE.com is advancing the story, getting into Geno's a breaking news business with a bulletin on Cole's medical status.

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  • 2015 March Madness South region action - Elite 8

    Only eight teams remain in the hunt for the national title. Catch all of the action from the South region! For complete NCAA Tournament coverage visit Yahoo Sports .

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  • Ronda Rousey takes down Triple H at WrestleMania

    The biggest surprise of WrestleMania 31 came at the end of the third hour, when UFC champion Ronda Rousey showed up out of nowhere, joining The Rock in the center of the ring to beat the heck out of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Between John Cena's triumph over Rusev and the match between Bray Wyatt and Undertaker, The Authority came to the ring to tell everyone just how great they are. Just as Triple H was telling the fans that he owns each and every one of them and that there was nothing they could do about it, The Rock's music hit, and the Brahma Bull walked down to the ring. As if the crowd weren't already on his side, Rock pointed out to everyone that he was born in the Bay Area before challenging Triple H to a fight.

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  • Iran Is Shaking Down Desperate-Seeming United States

    Iran: At the eleventh hour before the Tuesday deadline, Tehran negotiators predictably changed positions and demanded new concessions. Unfortunately, unlike Ronald Reagan, President Obama won't be walking away. As the world's leading terrorist sponsor state, which for years has sought nuclear weapons, backs Secretary of State John Kerry and negotiators for the other major powers into a corner, Americans should think back nearly three decades ago to a low-key former British Embassy in northern Reykjavik in Iceland. It was there, in October 1986, that Ronald Reagan picked up his papers and walked out on a U.S.-Soviet summit, not caring a whit what the media or the Washington establishment would say.

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  • Lion Jumps in Car and Mauls Man on Safari

    A tourist got a lot more than he bargained for from a lion on safari in South Africa.

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  • Here's What Would Really Happen If You Stopped Bathing

    You've probably gone a few days without showering -- maybe a week. But let's say you didn't bathe for days on end -- as in you use no soap, no water, no nothing. What would happen?You're likely to get seriously stinky, for sure (though you may be surprised to learn that sweat itself is odorless). And that's only one of the things you'd have to...

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  • Brock Lesnar just destroyed EVERYBODY on Monday Night Raw

    WWE needed to get creative with Monday Night Raw following Wrestlemania and they somehow found a way to keep the energy level at a max following the Sunday night show. Brock Lesnar thought he was getting a Championship rematch, then ABSOLUTELY LOST IT when that didn't happen. He flipped the announce table, delivered an F5 to commentator Michael Cole, then set his sights on a ringside cameraman who got TWO F5's for his trouble. Lesnar was "suspended" by WWE for his actions, according to Stephanie McMahon.

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  • Twin fools NASA at brother's launch on 1-year flight

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Astronaut Scott Kelly's identical twin pulled a fast one on NASA right before his brother blasted off on a one-year space station mission.

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  • Ex-CFO who slammed Chick-fil-A now on foodstamps

    Man who slammed restaurant chain in video that went viral has been out of work ever since.

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  • Shakira’s Post-Baby Workout Plan

    See how the singer is planning on coming back stronger and fitter than before.

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  • What we learned from WrestleMania 31

    The biggest show of the year is in the books. Let's recap what happened and look ahead to the future.

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